10 August 2010


  • Bravo. Beautiful work.

  • Karen Demerly

    That really was beautiful.

  • Thanks! Be sure to check out the director’s site too…

  • xavier

    Love the feel!

  • David G

    Wonderful piano sound at the end.

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  • Pete F.

    Excellent work — must’ve taken ages to get right.

    I also like how the director didn’t cop out, filming the close ups in reverse even though there was nothing else on-screen to obviously give it away.

    And the music suits it brilliantly throughout. Really nice piece all round.

  • sami h



  • Thomas

    wonderful. love it.

  • Ray

    fun… beautiful work.

  • ppyo

    Amazing piece of art. I absolutely love the way the director paired the images and the cadence of the beautiful music. Great story!

  • delightful!

  • Thank you. That was absolutely beautiful. Stunning.

  • it’s a fresh breeze in a hot Summer day [am in SAm]

  • Mark

    This was the smile in my day. Thank You!

  • Markus

    Sooo beautifullll! Thank you from Switzerland!

  • Colette


  • Jeff

    So fine! Joyful. Bravo!
    And the crane-fold….. oooohhh

  • charming, tres chic

  • John

    delightful; thanks for sharing it

  • I’m quite new to your site, and had to study the credits to see why the heck you were posting this. I saw “Katie Poole” as the Makeup Artist and that maybe it was your wife, and you were impressed with the director or something.

    The soundtrack is absolutely gorgeous. You should be extremely proud of how well you tailored the music to the film.

    I’ll be poking around your site much more. Already found “Zugzwang” and am loving it. Thank you.

  • Katie is no relation. ;) Thanks to everyone for the very kind comments.

  • Ale

    Bravo! it made me think…
    The meassage I got was…”follow your heart.. no matter what”.
    I absolutely loved it.Thanks a lot!

  • wonderful. evol it!!!

  • Greg

    Thanks, that was great.

  • Ams

    Nice !

  • dee

    i just loved it so much… i brought many of my feelings to the surface

  • dee

    i remember when i felt like that when i was much younger…. wonderful!!!!

  • Alex

    Lovely piece of non real life…Great work!

  • Imagine my surprise when I was looking at a video clip of Gabriella Cilmi, a sixteen-year-old-though-she-doesn’t-look-or-sound-it Australian singer now based in Britain (Island Records/Xenomania), singing “Sweet About Me”. The clip has backwards/backwards scenes and I thought, “did they steal that idea from Evol? So I came here to check. And the footage they have used is the actual Evol footage. The “Sweet About Me” clip is here. Did Chris sell the footage or has it been hijacked?

  • Interesting spot, Graham. It looks like the official video is EVOL-free, though, and someone has just made their own mash-up on YouTube. Shame to see those images without my music, though. ;)

  • I agree. Good to know you’re not moonlighting at Xenomania or SAW…..

  • Tiemen

    Soooo Sweet!!!!

    !cisum eht evol I :-)

  • !sknahT

  • What a brilliant short movie and nice background music.

  • guy from Czech rep.

    Im very pleased. Thanks.

  • Stunning. I love this piece.

  • Pianiss Imo

    Absolutely _ravishing_, and if only words could convey how perfectly this little gem fit my needs: alas, they can’t. . . I’ve been coughing myself silly, night after night, thanks to a vile bug that couldn’t be more unwelcome, in my circumstances. . . Have been trying to work, and getting nowhere, thanks to the lack of sleep . . . So a few minutes ago, I was websurfing idly and frankly, despairingly, hoping that something somewhere could somehow bring relief. I saw the word EVOL and said to it silently: please be beautiful. I am starved for beauty. And that’s exactly what I found once your ballet (for that’s what it is) unfolded . . . THANK YOU, and please start posting again, Steven Poole. You seem to have gone completely silent since May.

  • Pianiss Imo

    Clever editing system too, btw.

  • Lesley


  • Tony Wheal, New Zealand

    Hi Stephen,

    I chanced upon Evol and have spent the last 45 minutes repeating the dance scene over and over – I absolutely love this passage of music, especially the “whomp…whomp” in the bass line. It is enchanting, and I wonder if you would mind explaining, please, whether this was performed orchestrially or on a keyboard/workstation.

  • Hi Tony,
    The soundtrack was made in Apple Logic Pro. Most of the instruments are from the EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra sample library.

  • gabriel

    Hello Steven

    A simple question:

    Why orchestra?

  • Why not?

  • Michael

    The music is charming, but the director got it all wrong, didn’t he? Put the film in the camera backwards or something.

    Seriously: a wonderful gem. Treasure.