I’ve composed music for various short films that have been shown at the Cannes, Clermont-Ferrand, Palm Springs, WorldFest and Seoul film festivals, for theatrical productions in Edinburgh and London, for television documentaries, and for a porn film. My dance-rock-trash alter ego, Supreme Ultimate Fist, features on the CD One Life Left Presents: Music to Play Games By Too, with his trance-metal extravaganza “Knife Trance (One Knife Left Mix)”.

Further to this post by dsquared, Mr. Fist feels moved to reveal that the guitars in this recording were strung with Ernie Ball Super Slinkys (.009″–.042″) and played with a Jim Dunlop 0.73mm pick, as well as that they were played through, variously, Guitar Rig, Amp Designer, and a Blackstar HT-5 Combo.

Singing robots, 8-bit synths, and even more guitars — Supreme Ultimate Fist hopes you like his new direction:

New year, new guitar, new metal:

Opening and closing credits music written for a French documentary film in which psychiatrists and their patients conduct interviews with roles reversed. The result is curiously uplifting.

Opening theme:

Closing theme:

A movement for string quartet. Demo features robot string players. Please spare a thought for the robots as they saw sadly at their instruments. Human musicians interested in playing it, please email me for the score.