7 October 2007

Emergent literature

More Googleverse

Regular readers of my blog at unspeak.net know that I’ve been proposing the term emergent literature for the poems (so far, “Unspeakable yearnings #1” and “Casting Dispersion”) that I construct from the site’s referral logs. Scrolling through the logs for stevenpoole.net today, I was driven to assemble another.

The rules are very simple. As a humble amanuensis to the creative Spirit of the Internet, I merely select from the search queries that led to this site, and make each one into a separate line in the poem. (The queries are as entered, save that I may change capitalization and punctuation as I see fit.) A new feature is that each line also now links to the page to which the searchers were directed — not always, I fear, to their existential or sexual satisfaction. But such is life. And here is its immanent poetry:

  • awuadwoa

    i am disappointed.

  • I am sorry for your disappointment.

  • splendid stuff. i get a lot of people after kiddy & bestiality porn for some reason.